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  • What makes Wolf Bones eco-friendly?
    We are as eco-conscious as we can be! Here's how :) - We buy from American companies and local small businesses to reduce our carbon footprint since we are sourced in the United States. Plus, we try to support women + minority owned business and small businesses! - Our older art prints are made of 100% recycled paper, and our newer prints come from a local small business here in Tally called Midtown Print! By sourcing from them, we are shopping small and can completely omit shipping, which reduces our carbon footprint! - We reuse mailers/packaging supplies when possible (we hope you don't mind less pretty boxes and mailers, we are trying to reuse!) - We invested in eco-friendly recyclable mailers. They are 100% recycled rigid mailers (from EcoEnclose) that are curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable - We also invested in zero-waste thermal labels! Instead of using ink to print, they're heat sensitive! They're also from Ecoenclose! -We try to be conscious of where we order our supplies from. Lots of companies "green-wash" to seem more earth-friendly than they really are. *PSST! If you're looking for these eco-friendly shipping materials, here's the link :D Eco Friendly Shipping Supplies | Biodegradable, Sustainable Packaging (
  • Where are your bones sourced from? Is it ethical?
    The bones we get are from all over! Sometimes they're found by me or someone else (this is my preferred way of collecting), sometimes they're the leftovers that hunters do not want, the random bones found on someone's land, from thrift stores/antique shops, and sometimes I purchase them from others who find/clean/sell! For example, I've obtained over half of my bones from my extended family's land and from a small farmer who finds bones on their land! I will never support unethical practices. Absolutely no animal will die for the sake of my art, and I do not support abuse toward animals. I turn these left-over parts into art pieces where others can love them forever. Understand that per Florida and United States Laws, am not allowed to own specific species of animal, such as black bear, otter, panther, birds that are protected under The Migratory Bird Act, etc. I absolutely will not make any exceptions. It is extremely important to know that your state laws may be different, and that is why you must check your local and state laws before purchasing animal parts. For this reason, I cannot ship animal parts internationally.
  • Where do you ship?
    As of right now (summer 2022), we are only shipping to the United States and Canada. Right now the UK has the vat tax and I am unable to regulate that via wix! All animal parts are only shipped within the United States due to animal part regulations! It is on the customer to do their research on what animals are allowed in their state.
  • What happens if there is a missing/extra item?
    If you are missing an item from your order, please email me at , and I will replace the item you are missing! Be sure to include your order # as well :). If we are out of stock, then I will notify you and refund you. If you received an extra item, consider it a freebie! I'd prefer you keep the extra item than for you to send it back!
  • My package didn't arrive/may be missing!
    Please contact me immediately via email at ! Be sure to include your name and order #. I will reply as soon as possible! Damaged items can usually be replaced, as long as they are not origonals, and missing items may have been returned to me. Be sure to check with your front office and/or local post office as well! We can work on it together :) If you happen to get the completely wrong order, contact us immediately so we can get you the right items!
  • What does a-grade & b-grade mean?
    This grading system refers to quality of the item. Imperfections happen in handmade and manufactured items, so I grade them between a & b. A-grade products do not have any imperfections and are priced as such. B-grade products have slight imperfections, such as printer lines, scratches, and are sometimes lower quality. With that in mind, I will price them lower than an a-grade product! Why sell b-grade items? It would be a huge waste to just throw away these items! I'd be wasting product, time, and money if I were to throw them away! Plus, it makes my little heart sad to throw em out. I'd rather repurpose them instead of throwing them in a landfill.
  • When can I expect you to email me back?
    As Wolf Bones is run by two full-time college students, please give us at least two days - a week to get back to you. We mainly reply Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.
  • "Why are your products so expensive?"
    We really try to keep our prices as affordable as possible! Take in the hours of work behind each item, the cost of goods, and making sure we have the money to continue this business! Hand painted items can take me anywhere between 2-18 hours! Commissions are also time consuming and are unique! Art is a skill that takes years of practice and I believe that my time, energy, experience and ability to come up with a unique idea is valuable! We try to reflect the prices based off of how much of that time and energy that is put into each piece along with cost of goods, while also keeping in mind that we need to make a sustainable amount of money to survive in this world!
  • "Can I get your art tattooed on me?"
    You can! All that I ask is that you buy a print or a tattoo ticket (flat price) from my shop! I'm a small artist, and I understand that tattoos are expensive, but like your tattoo artist, I take a lot of time to create each and every piece! You may also consider booking with me as I am a tattoo apprentice in Tallahassee! Stay updated with my books/openings on my tattoo Instagram You cannot tattoo commissioned pieces made for other people!
  • "How can I help support you?"
    There are multiple ways you can support us! Buying from our shop supports us tremendously! You directly support my dream of being a freelance artist by helping me keep this art shop running! You can also donate through the "Tip the Artist" tab in the shop! I am also looking to create a Patreon in the near future! In terms of supporting us for free; liking, commenting, saving and sharing us on social media is incredibly helpful for our little business! We love to see you interact with us via Instagram! This helps us grow by allowing our business to reach more people's timelines/feed! We appreciate every level of support!
  • " Are you a tattoo artist?"
    Yes! I'm currently a tattoo apprentice right now in Tallahassee! The best way to keep updated about booking and updates are through my tattoo Instagram ! If you're looking to get my work tattooed (not by me), I ask that you buy something from my shop to help support me since it is my own design! Commissioned pieces are off limits!
  • "How long have you been doing art?"
    I (Jenna) have been doing art my whole life! I only started to think about my art seriously when I was an incoming freshman in high school. I dived into art for two years and then in 2018, I hit a major art block that lasted until fall of 2021. I rediscovered art as my passion during my second year of college at Tallahassee Community College. Now, I am on my way to my Junior year of college and majoring in Studio Art at Florida State University. This is my transition between self-taught to art school. While I am currently seeking a degree in art, I am a firm believer that you can find success without art school! You can work just as hard and be successful! Some artists I admire who did not attend art school are Leigh Ellexson, and Kelsey Rodriguez (both successful artists without doing art school!) Youtube, as well as courses from Skillshare and Domestika are filled with tons of resources! Keep making art no matter what :)!! Leigh Ellexson - YouTube Kelsey Rodriguez - YouTube Make Art Don't Starve | Podcast on Spotify (Kelsey's podcast on artist success through social media and good business practices!)
  • "Do you have a physical location?"
    No, we do not have a physical store front, however, we do participate in markets around Tallahassee and sometimes other parts of Florida! You can keep tabs on our market details by signing up for our newsletter and checking our instagram ! You can also order for local pickup, and meet us at one of our markets!
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