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Lesbian U-Haul by Paige!

Lesbian U-Haul by Paige!

SKU: CON0001

Calling out to my fellow Uhaul Lesbians, this is for you! A twist on a joke, this pride themed sticker will make all your lgbt friends giggle :)


This is a glossy, white and warm toned, vinyl sticker that measures 3.7 x 1.8, is durable, UV protected for up to 3 years and waterproof


Created by my sister and artist, Paige Schwabland!

She is a queer artist that resides in central Florida who is also trying to overcome the starving artist stage of her career! Selling on Wolf Bones allows her some peace from paying extra Etsy fees and allows her to recieve the profits she deserves! 

Her instagram is @backstage_sun is you want to support her social media and stay updated on her new items!

Stick on mirrors, laptops, sketchbooks, journals and more!
Great gift for LGBTQ+ people and couples, family members and more! beep beep!

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